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Colorful Agate and Chain Draped Jewelry - What's Hot for Resort 2010

Seems to me once all the presents are unwrapped and the holiday parties, well, partied, my mind starts to turn to thoughts of warm weather and cool breezes. I want to ditch the riding boots for a pair of sandals and paint my toes the happiest color I can find. Once that’s said and done, I want my wardrobe to feel warm too. But not the cozy kind. More the sizzling, sassy, vivacious kind, to wake up my soul with color. So that’s exactly what I decided to do with our Resort 09 collection.

Designing it was the perfect way to kick the winter doldrums, by injecting agate slices in an artist palette of pinks, blues, purples and greens- and a hint of sunshine yellow too. It’s a kaleidoscope of colors that let me pick and choose which works best with my outfit, like the whimsical parrots hanging out on Marc Jacobs catchy frock. Or how about a great cocktail ring poolside with this new DVF bathing suit? And when reality finally strikes and it’s back to work, I’ll take this chic and classic look from Alexander Wang and spice it up with my Maritza necklace in Prism, to remind me of the colors and fun that await in the months to come.

Happy holidays everyone and warm wishes in the New Year!