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No Green Thumb Necessary

I just love the look of succulent plants for a contemporary and unexpected arrangement that lasts with little care. I have mixed different textures of plants to create fabulous planters in various sizes and shapes throughout my home (as seen here in Austin Monthy Home, arrangement by David Kurio) and at our design studio in Austin, Texas. The great thing is that these types of plants actually like neglect and only require a small amount of watering, thank goodness! Adding a few natural crystal pieces and organic shaped wood branches, which can be found in various garden and specialty stores, create interesting detail and texture variety. Use a simple glass container or any other container that matches your décor. I can be gone for weeks and come home to green and gorgeous plants! If you don't feel inclined to create an arrangement yourself, I recommend Merveille Events in Austin, TX. Amy does a wonderful job!

Kendra's Daily Gem - Oliver People's Sunglasses

I have these Oliver People’s Elsie sunglasses in gold and love them. They are so lightweight and the thin gold frame is just the right amount of shine. Once you start wearing Oliver People’s lightweight metal glasses it is hard to wear anything else!

Yet, I am also a fan of these playful avaitors by Marc by Marc Jacobs. I can wear them whether I am in the mood for casual or couture,
and the white frames and coral stems make them summery-chic. They also come in palladium/pink and gold/tortoise.

What are your favorite shades?

Kendra's Daily Gem - OxiClean Travel Size Stain Spray

I am one of those people that always find something to add to my basket at the checkout at Target. I will be waiting in line and thinking, “Yes, I could use a small lint roller or individual packets of Kleenex!” Before I headed on vacation with my family I did some last minute shopping and at the checkout was travel size OxiClean spray. I have never used this product but traveling with my six and eight year old boys I have been victim to a few lasting stains! I packed for my trip and threw the OxiClean in my purse and never thought of it again, until I really needed it. We are on vacation in Hawaii and we had just bought the boys these darling stuffed animal sea turtles. They were so excited about them and did not want to let them go, so they came to lunch with us. Before I knew it one of the turtles was being shoved in my face by eight year old son to give me a kiss. I not only had recently applied lip stick but I had ketchup and mustard on my mouth from the bite I just took of my cheeseburger. The brand new turtle's cream colored belly suddenly became marked with one big stain. My son looked at his new turtle and the damage done and I could see the terror in his eyes. I quickly grabbed a napkin and dipped it in my glass of water and started to dab the stain, but it was only making it worse. Then I suddenly remembered the OxiClean spray! I told him to hold tight that Mommy may have something to make it all better. I followed the three step instructions on the side of the bottle and before I knew it the stain was disappearing before my eyes. Within a few seconds there was no trace of Mommy’s messy kiss, Joe the Turtle was saved and I had one happy little boy. My sweet son gave me a big hug and mommy was hero for the day. Thank you OxiClean!
Glam Up Your Fitness Fashion!!!

Working out is such an important part of my weekly routine. My girls and I organize a Booty Ballet class every Tuesday and Thursday in my backyard with trainer Marshall Curtis with Momentum ProFormance. Working out not only helps me stay in shape but there’s nothing like an endorphin rush to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day! But breaking a sweat is no excuse for a fashion faux pas. Cute workout clothes are one of the best parts of working out, and when I have something fun to wear it motivates me to get out of bed and into the gym! Here are some of my favorite picks for looking hot while getting fit.

This Under Armour Form Cardio Tank in Pink Essence has a built-in shelf bra with great support and it also has vent zones built-in that help keep you cool, dry and comfy while you're working out. Check out for all their styles.

The New Balance 760 Women's Running/Training Shoe is one of my favorite running shoes and the best part about purchasing this shoe is the New Balance Lace Up for the Cure® promotion whic
h donates a portion of the sales to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

Lululemon Groove Crop II Pants are awesome be
cause the
breathable fabric feels like cotton but they are stretchy enough to provide support and allow freedom of movement. You can wear them to Pilates, the gym or yoga and they're even reversible! They also have a smooth wide waistband with the perfect hint of color.

Stella McCartney's designs answered the prayers of couture exercisers everywhere with the Adidas by Stella McCartney Fashion Bag. Her line for Adidas blends both fashion and
functionality. This workout bag is perfect for the gym and can double as a fun, casual weekend tote too!

Kendra's Daily Gem - Gorgeous Lashes!

I am a huge believer in Latisse. I have used the product for the last 6 months and my lashes are so long that they touch the
lenses on my sunglasses! I can’t believe that my lashes could look like this, it truly is amazing. Latisse needs to be prescribed by a doctor so please speak to your physician or dermatologist to make sure the product is right for you. Claire Daines, the new spokesmodel for Latisse, shows off her gorgeous lashes before and after Latisse. To learn more about Claire as spokesmodel, check out Fashionista's blogger Leah Chernikoff article "My So-Called Lashes: Claire Danes Talks Latisse".

For those of you who don't want to go the Latisse route for lash drama, check out the absolutely best mascara I have ever used! The original Dior Show has gained rave reviews but I have to admit I like this unlimited version better. The applicator allows you to create long, gorgeous lashes with out clumping. This is a must have in my makeup bag!

Kendra's Daily Gem - Casadei Platform Pump

Ok, it's true...I have a wee bit of a shoe obsession! My eyes are fixed right now on these Casadei Shoes. The triple platform is so sexy and the rich wood detailing and heel give these shoes a glam-organic look. LOVE them! This could be your go to high heel this fall that can be worn with a little black dress or dark blue skinny jeans. I am getting the mud color and will be anxiously
awaiting their arrival hopefully any day now!

Kendra's Summer Must Haves

I wanted to share with you a few of my summer favorites. Elta MD UV Physical SPF 41 is the best facial sunscreen I have ever used! This sunscreen was recommended by my dermatologist and I absolutely LOVE it!

It has a slight tint yet goes on sheer and weightless and works great under your foundation. I wear it under another one of my favorite products which is the Rae Cosmetics Climate Control mineral tint foundation with a 20 SPF and is water based and sweat proof. Both products are light and breathe so your pores do not clog and will hold up when you have to take a dip in the pool.

A straw fedora looks great on the beach or walking the streets of your favorite city. It is a summer travel must have for me that gives a little extra protection from the sun while still looking totally chic! Lola Hats have extra special attention to detail and will set you apart in the crowd and can be found in most upscale department stores. To stretch your dollar so you have more money to spend while on vacation, Target carries some simple styles that can be dressed up with a brooch.

I have recently purchased three swim suits from J. Crew. I am so impressed with the retro to modern styling, and the fit is great! I also love the metal tones this year in copper, gold and charcoal.

I bought this ruffled bandeau swimsuit top and I wear it with my Carly botanical stud earrings in crystal. I have to admit wearing a small stud earring and a thin bangle bracelet looks great just the right amount of bling!

One of the things I love most about a vacation is the opportunity to sit down with a good book. This summer I have read some fun novels that I wasn’t able to put down. A few of my favorites are Shanghai Girls by Lisa See, The Help by Kathryn Stockett, and for a laugh out loud read I suggest Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler.

Make sure to carry a great cotton tunic with enough style that you can wear it to lunch by the beach or at the poolside café. I love this one with the puffy sleeves that can be worn over the hot!

And make sure to pack those summer statement earrings! Get your Moroccan Sex in the City vibe with a few of these stand out pieces from my line...