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No Green Thumb Necessary

I just love the look of succulent plants for a contemporary and unexpected arrangement that lasts with little care. I have mixed different textures of plants to create fabulous planters in various sizes and shapes throughout my home (as seen here in Austin Monthy Home, arrangement by David Kurio) and at our design studio in Austin, Texas. The great thing is that these types of plants actually like neglect and only require a small amount of watering, thank goodness! Adding a few natural crystal pieces and organic shaped wood branches, which can be found in various garden and specialty stores, create interesting detail and texture variety. Use a simple glass container or any other container that matches your d├ęcor. I can be gone for weeks and come home to green and gorgeous plants! If you don't feel inclined to create an arrangement yourself, I recommend Merveille Events in Austin, TX. Amy does a wonderful job!