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Get the Fashion Forecast for Your City, Daily!

No longer do you have to wait for the weatherman's forecast on the temperature and climate every morning before you pick out what to wear. The fabulous offers awesome daily "fashion forecast" emails including an overview of the weather in your neck of the woods, as well as great outfit suggestions to correlate! In the midst of my busy schedule, it is such a relief to wake up to a simple e-mail giving me both the report on Austin's temperature AND tips for what to wear. All you have to do is go to and sign up with your e-mail address, or
simply download their iPhone application. You will then receive daily messages complete with the high and low temperatures for your city on that day and photos of trendy, weather appropriate looks for your fashion inspiration, like this example from the iPhone app to the right. They even let you personalize your StyleCaster by categorizing their suggested looks into different occasions. So whether you're looking for "cocktail", "everyday casual", or "office professional" wear, they have great tips that won't leave you too hot or too cold! Below is an example of their suggestions for "office professional" wear featuring "dresses" on a "warm" day:

There is an added bonus: if you like anything they have suggested, simply click on the item and it will tell you the price and where to buy it! If you really love the site like me, you can build a virtual closet full of your fashion fetishes, as well as craft an inspiration board that allows you to make a collage out of your favorite images, like the collage below featuring long, full skirts that are super trendy for fall. You can then make your Stylecast profile available for all other users to see, creating a super chic social network. has it all!