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Kendra’s Philanthropy Wednesdays: Remember Haiti

Nearly ten months after an earthquake devastated Haiti, Hurricane Tomas passed between Cuba and Haiti this past weekend, putting the 1.3 million Haitians living in tents and shacks in grave danger. At least 21 people were killed due to floods caused by the tropical storm and over 1,000 homes were destroyed by the floods caused by Tomas. With the new danger and devastation that Tomas brought and the recent October cholera outbreak that has already infected over 5,000 people and killed 400, it is so important that we recognize that Haitians are still in desperate need of our help. Although some of the charitable organizations have ceased in bringing aid to Haiti, there are still some organizations that are continuing to raise money and bring volunteers to Haitians. Listed below are some of the organizations that are still sending supplies and volunteers to Haiti, and ways you can help give to these people affected by the devastation.

CARE: CARE has organized volunteers from throughout the country, distributed supplies, and disseminated information about storm preparedness for hurricane Tomas. You can donate specifically to hurricane Tomas and cholera outbreak relief by clicking here.

International Medical Corps:
This nonprofit organization is providing critical medical care to cholera victims while si
multaneously taking preventive measures to make sure the cholera outbreak doesn’t spread to the larger population. You can donate anywhere from $24-$5,000 to International Medical Corps by clicking here.

Meds and Food For Kids: This nonprofit helps provide Haiti’s malnourished children with Medika Mamba—a Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food endorsed by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. You can donate any amount of money to Meds and Food For Kids here.

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund: The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund is on the ground in Haiti, funding programs that create jobs, teach skills and assist local businesses. As of today, the fund has raised $52 million in contributions and has committed $20 million to various different projects. You can check out what they're doing and make a contribution to their efforts by clicking here.

Unicef: The United States Fund is dedicated to help the Haitian children in the wake of this disaster, and you can donate any amount by clicking here.

Please don’t forget about the millions of Haitians who need our help! Any amount of money you can give could end up providing food, a home, or even save the life of a child or adult in the aftermath of this devastating disaster.