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Introducing the Issie Heart Necklace

Last year I was approached by a sweet Texas family with a beautiful idea. Several years ago, their daughter, Isabelle "Issie," started to draw hearts while going under a series of heart examinations. Issie had always been able to best express herself through picture drawings, and despite her family's concern, she was quite sure her heart was just fine. After each examination, her heart drawings became more intense with color, like facets on a piece of jewelry. Eventually, these drawings became an inspiration for a pendant to be worn close to the heart with colors shining through. I was honored to be the first designer the family approached to adopt Issie's drawings and I took on the project without hesitation. From Issie's drawings, we designed two precious heart necklaces and agreed with Issie's family to give back a portion of the proceeds to the National Down Syndrome Congress, the non-profit of the family's choice. The beautiful heart necklaces are colored with a faceted spectrum of crystals. The small necklace also comes in a shorter 12" chain length to fit a child - great for mothers and daughters! It is an honor to work with Issie and her family in giving back one heart at a time!