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Behind the Scenes: Video Shoot of the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Last week we transformed the Kendra Scott SOCO boutique into a production studio as I filmed a new video featuring fashion forward looks utilizing some of my favorite pieces from my Spring/Summer Collection. For the video, I had fun styling three gorgeous ladies and taking their unique style from the ordinary to the extraordinary with make-up, edgy new hairstyles and, of course, to-die-for jewels! Stay tuned for the video, but for now take a look at some of the footage from behind the scenes.

My Art Director, Cheryl Mills, and Operations Manager, Denise Chumlea, sort through clothing to find the perfect outfits for the before and after models.

An assortment of fabulous spring accessories like wedges, heels, belts, and scarves accompanied the clothing.

Kendra goes over her vision for the shoot with her team.

Senior Designer, Leah Lucus, works on crafting up and coming KS pieces in the design room.

Selected nature and antique inspired gems in vibrant hues are beautifully displayed in the design room for the shoot.

Standing next to the inspiration board in our design room, I review the display before the shoot.

My extremely talented videographer, Paul Raila of, setting up.

The Color Bar in the Kendra Scott boutique is the backdrop for the video.

Award winning Austin Stylist, Martha Lynn Barnes, touches up my hair and make up in between filming.

Three, two, one...action!

Keep posted to see more footage from the shoot.