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Catch the Cupcake Craze Austin Style



Austin has just about every delicious, delectable dessert you can imagine. If you enjoy forgetting about those insignificant calories like I do from time to time, take a tour of Austin's cupcake paradise! Sugar Mama's Bakeshop which is a South Austin favorite and Polkadots Cupcake Factory, nestled in the center of campus chaos are two of my beloved choices. Nothing beats Hey Cupcake! which is just a stroll away from my KS retail store. Their cream cheese and chocolate Michael Jackson creation is to die for! Cupcakes are our signature treat at Wednesday Girls Night Out and various other events. I love to try out new palatable flavors and I may even stop by Delish Cupcake this weekend and delight myself in the ever so popular s'more special that I have yet to indulge in. What is your favorite cupcake of choice? I would love to hear what you all savor and try them out myself!


In honor of my ever so divine cupcake fetish, the Florens Chandelier Earring in Green is on sale now! Get yourself a pair of these bold beaded earrings and enjoy a cupcake like Hilary Duff!