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Kendra's Daily Gem - Gorgeous Lashes!

I am a huge believer in Latisse. I have used the product for the last 6 months and my lashes are so long that they touch the
lenses on my sunglasses! I can’t believe that my lashes could look like this, it truly is amazing. Latisse needs to be prescribed by a doctor so please speak to your physician or dermatologist to make sure the product is right for you. Claire Daines, the new spokesmodel for Latisse, shows off her gorgeous lashes before and after Latisse. To learn more about Claire as spokesmodel, check out Fashionista's blogger Leah Chernikoff article "My So-Called Lashes: Claire Danes Talks Latisse".

For those of you who don't want to go the Latisse route for lash drama, check out the absolutely best mascara I have ever used! The original Dior Show has gained rave reviews but I have to admit I like this unlimited version better. The applicator allows you to create long, gorgeous lashes with out clumping. This is a must have in my makeup bag!