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Kendra's Daily Gem - OxiClean Travel Size Stain Spray

I am one of those people that always find something to add to my basket at the checkout at Target. I will be waiting in line and thinking, “Yes, I could use a small lint roller or individual packets of Kleenex!” Before I headed on vacation with my family I did some last minute shopping and at the checkout was travel size OxiClean spray. I have never used this product but traveling with my six and eight year old boys I have been victim to a few lasting stains! I packed for my trip and threw the OxiClean in my purse and never thought of it again, until I really needed it. We are on vacation in Hawaii and we had just bought the boys these darling stuffed animal sea turtles. They were so excited about them and did not want to let them go, so they came to lunch with us. Before I knew it one of the turtles was being shoved in my face by eight year old son to give me a kiss. I not only had recently applied lip stick but I had ketchup and mustard on my mouth from the bite I just took of my cheeseburger. The brand new turtle's cream colored belly suddenly became marked with one big stain. My son looked at his new turtle and the damage done and I could see the terror in his eyes. I quickly grabbed a napkin and dipped it in my glass of water and started to dab the stain, but it was only making it worse. Then I suddenly remembered the OxiClean spray! I told him to hold tight that Mommy may have something to make it all better. I followed the three step instructions on the side of the bottle and before I knew it the stain was disappearing before my eyes. Within a few seconds there was no trace of Mommy’s messy kiss, Joe the Turtle was saved and I had one happy little boy. My sweet son gave me a big hug and mommy was hero for the day. Thank you OxiClean!