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Kendra's Daily Gem - Magic of Milkscreen

Over the last few months three of my best girlfriends have either had or are about to have a baby. I recently went with my girlfriend to register for her shower and was so amazed by many of the new products that are now available to moms. A totally brilliant product that would have come in handy when I was nursing several years ago is called Milkscreen. It tests your milk for alcohol to make sure your milk is safe for your baby. We all know what it is like to go out for date night or a night out with the gals and come back home to nurse or pump and not be sure if your milk is safe for your baby to drink. This is a very useful tool and one that helps both mommy and baby! This product was recently featured on Keeping Up with the Kardashians! The company UpSpring Baby that developed Milkscreen is right here in my home town of Austin, Texas and develops innovative products for babies. So mamas, go treat yourself to that glass of wine without any worries!

Milkscreen is available at Target, and at most of your local drugstores.