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Kendra's Fashion Friday - Goodbye Eighties, Hello Fifties!

One look that really stood out to me at the Emmys was January Jones’ fifties-inspired cobalt (I told you I’m obsessed) Versace gown. January definitely made a statement in this bold, full, swing dress with an asymmetrical hemline. The fashion-forward trend inspired by the fifties is brand new this fall, and it has the runways taking us back in time to the days of ice cream parlors and drive-in movies, as full swing skirts, cinched waists, and décolleté necklines make their way into fall collections.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited to see the eighties-inspired ultra bright neons, cutoffs and leggings go back in the closet and the classic silhouettes, trapeze coats and swinging skirts of the fifties make their way back into mainstream fashion. The fifties epitomized classic, feminine glamour. It was the era that Dior introduced his full and straight mid-calf length skirts and paired them with shaped fitted jackets and Chanel brought her boxy women’s suits and slim tweed skirts into the fashion forefront. The styles that made them famous are now making their ways back on the runway! Check out this fifties inspired swing skirt from Anthropology. Finish this look off with an animal-print satchel, like this one from Nordstrom, and you'll stay ultra-chic and contemporary and avoid looking too vintage-y.

One designer who has implemented this new trend into his fall collection is Oscar De La Renta. Look at the similarities between this1955 fashion plate and one of Mr. De La Renta's fall 2010 runway looks. Mr. De La Renta is one designer who has always remained true to classic feminine glamour, and I had the privilege of meeting him back in 2005 when he featured some of my jewelry on his runway. Mr.De La Renta, as well as Marc Jacobs, Dolce and Gabbana, and many other designers incorporated this fifties flashback trend in their fall lines.

The fifties-style clean necklines and silhouettes are a great match for some of my statement necklaces, just as Oscar De La Renta paired his bright orange, fifties-inspired dress with a big, bold necklace of his own. The jewelry of the fifties often had flower, plant, and animal motifs, and my Ignacia Necklace in Smoky on Gold-tone has beautiful, intricate feather detailing that would add a great contemporary touch to this vintage-inspired look. Pair it up with a pair of my Carly Botanical Stud Earrings, and you'll have this new fashion-forward fall trend nailed!