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Kendra’s Philanthropy Wednesday: Wear Yellow and Raise Cancer Awareness
This Saturday, October 2, is LIVESTRONG Day, and I encourage you to join me, Lance Armstrong, and thousands of others by wearing yellow to help raise awareness for the 28 million people living with cancer in our world. Cancer kills more people than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined,and together we can
help raise awareness to help cure this devastating disease. I lost my stepfather to cancer and I’m sure you know someone who has suffered from this disease that affects so many people across the world.

It helps that yellow is such a hot color right now, I love Taylor Swifts sunny number and matching shoes and Alexa Chung’s mustard yellow plaid dress. Wear your favorite yellow dress, top, t-shirt, shoes, jewelry (check out my Danielle Earrings in Yellow), or whatever you choose this Saturday and let's take a stand against cancer together!