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Fall Fashion Forecast: Ruffles, Everywhere!

I am so thankful that fall weather has finally made its way down to Aus
tin, Texas! For the last week, we’ve had temperatures sinking to the 50s and 60s, which is a refresher from those long days of southern summer heat. The exhilarating change in climate has enabled me to give the new fall trends a try, and ruffles are definitely on my radar, as well as everyone else’s as the cool autumn winds blanket the United States. From the cascading ruffles in the skirts and jackets at classic, always feminine Valentino (left), to the colorful tiers of sheer printed ruffles at girly, spunky Betsey Johnson (far left), ruffles were a
staple on the fall 2010 runway.

Valentino used ruffles in his romantic fall line in a major way with cream-colored, crisp ruffled skirts and tops, kaki floral-inspired ruffled blazers and trenches, edgy black leather get-ups with a girly touch of ruffles, and of course his signature red numbers with ruffled detailing. I love this wearable kaki ruffled jacket and electric red layered mini skirt (top left), both perfect for a cool night out on the town.

Prada also incorporated ruffle detailing into her fall line. Though Prada didn’t go all-girly, as most of her girlish ensembles were complete with masculine tweed socks and
heeled loafers, her ruffle embellishments, like these layered stand-out ruffles on the bust of this tan dress, did add a bold feminine touch.

Ruffles were also a common thread in Diane Von Furstenberg’s fall line. I love the sparkling bronze belted mini skirt paired with the unexpected neon yellow sweater at her fall show.

Celebrities, like Olivia Palmero in this floor-length Topshop tiered ruffle chiffon skirt, are also being spotted wearing ruffles of all shapes, colors, textures, and sizes, now that we've switched into fall fashion gear. I'm also loving the rocker jacket she paired with the ultra-feminine skirt to give it a little edge.

There are so many ways that you can incorporate this trend into your fall wardrobe, and I picked out a few of my favorite items that incorporate ruffles. I am obsessed with Anthropologie’s Steamed Cappuchino Cardi, the ruffles add so much tow hat would have been a plain gray cardigan and it's the perfect piece to keep on hand at the office when it gets chilly. I also love Madewell’s Romatic Ruffle Dress in navy blue that incorporates ruffles in
to the sleeves. This polished dress is perfect for the office or a night out, depending on what accessories you pair with it.

Ruffles are also a hot trend in accessories right now. Check out these adorable Rebecca Taylor Ruffle Mary Janes in this perfect beige-gray shade that are perfect for the office! I also happen to have a few pieces with ruffle-inspired and floral detailing in my new fall line, like my Rafa Cuff in gold (top right) and my Nera Chandelier Earrings, pictured here in gold. Both feature intricate ruffle and rose detailing, and could make any outfit trendy for fall 2010!