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Kendra’s Fashion Friday: Fashion Blogger Tommy Ton
Now that Paris fashion week has died down, I decided it was time for me to sift through all the fabulous photos of the catwalk to stay current. While gawking over everything Parisian, I came across some very interesting photos taken by Canadian-born fashion blogger Tommy Ton. I was amazed by how intimate his photos were; Tommy has even admitted that he is a bit of a stalker. His tactics include lurking of the most prestigious fashion shows,
surveying each and every passerby like a hawk in hopes to photograph that one fabulous quilted Chanel bag or Balenciago heel. He is the ultimate fashion voyeur.

I started to research this incredible man and found out that only six months after starting his blog he began to receive over 25,000 hits per day. Now he has his “in” with the likes of Anna Wintour and French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld. I believe that this is because he understands the importance of capturing fashion in its element: on the street where it is raw and real, not styled by a professional or worn by a star on a red carpet. He recently admitted to a reporter, "I realized the power of blogging when I posted a photo of Kate Lanphear's wrist. People contacted me and wanted to see more photos of the bangles on her wrist. It's ridiculous but I understand them completely...they are living vicariously through my blog." This point is exactly whyhas become so famous; his photographs provide an authentic slice of fashion.

Tommy is quickly becoming a sought after photographer, and has an amazing photographic memory that allows him to spot just about any designer label that prances past him on the avenues. He once said about Roitfeld, "She really likes to test me. Once, after I had identified every garment she was wearing, I was thrown by the shoes – but then she told me they hadn't even been on a runway yet."

I recommend taking some time to indulge in a few of his untreated snaps of the world’s most fashionable. You can see more of his gorgeous, intimate photos on his blog at