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Kendra’s Fashion Friday: Halloween Edition!

Are you in desperate need of a last minute Halloween costume? Well, I’ve got you covered on all fronts—from the effortless, to the wacky, to the fashionable, read the suggestions below for guaranteed success!

Wacky: If you want to make a unique statement this weekend, try out one of these hilarious get-ups…

1. Gum under the Table: Make a small cardboard table and wear it on your head. Dress in a cute bubblegum pink number like this adorable dress from ModCloth.

2. Whip Your Hair: Dress like Willow Smith in her "Whip Your Hair" video. Wear white overalls and white boots splattered with different colors of paint. Wear long braids that have been dipped in temporary hair color. Whip your hair!

3. Chip-Monk:
Dress in a monk's robe, rope belt, etc., then hot-glue (empty) potato
chip and/or tortilla chip bags all over.

Effortless: No time? Don’t worry! The following three clever ideas can easily be created in with things you most likely have hanging around the house.

1. Pinata: Cover yourself with brightly-colored shredded tissue paper. Hand out candy.

2. Cheap Watch Dealer: Wear a large black trench coat with black sunglasses and a black hat. Wear many watches on both wrists, hang more watches/jewelry from the inside of your coat. Look smug and try to talk everyone into buying a "genuine" Rolodex.

3. Bermuda Triangle: Make a large triangle out of cardboard and use straps to hang it on your body. Then find several toy airplanes, ships, and other things that have been lost and never found (like your car keys!), and attach them to yourself inside the triangle. Optional: dress in tropical-themed clothing.

These are by far my favorite. Although these fabulous outfits need a bit more time and attention, you will be the star of the party!

1. Bottle of Champagne: Wear a long, light-gold-toned dress, like this shimmery one from Ralph Lauren. Style your hair piled up, wear lots of body glitter and carry a bottle of bubbles to blow from.

2. Fantana:
For something non-alcoholic, wear brightly colored (red, yellow,
purple or orange) hot pants or mini-skirt, with a wide belt. Add a matching tank top. Carry around a bottle of Fanta.

3. Chiquita Banana Lady: Make a "hat" out of a basket and fill it with fake fruit. Wear a long colorful skirt and a white peasant top. Add large gold hoop earrings to complete the look.

4. Devil Wears Prada: Make or buy a devil costume. Accessorize with Prada items and
clothing (you don't need the real stuff ...just make your own "Prada" labels).

If you want more fun costume ideas, check out fashion blog Modelinia’s super scary photo collection of top fashion models and muses.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Kendra Scott!