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OPI Launches TEXAS Line

Nothing looks better with Ke
ndra Scott bangles, cuffs, and rings, than freshly lacquered nails. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that OPI’s spring and summer collection pays tribute to none other than my home state: deep in the heart of Texas, y’all! With names like “Big Hair…Big Nails,” “Do You Think I’m Texy,” and “Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?” these gorgeous shades capture the very essence of shabby chic, cowgirl cuties, and all of the bright and beautiful colors that define the Lone Star State. OPI even named one of their shades after my own Texas hometown: “Austin-tatious Turquoise.” I couldn’t have picked a better color to represent Austin. After all, since their debut, the Turquoise Danielle’s remain my top seller, and you can almost always find a gal rocking a pair on the streets of ATX. The line also features other brights, cool neutrals, and shimmering jewel and metal tones that will help you make a BIG statement, because you know what they say…everything’s bigger in Texas! Look out for these country strong shades, which hit the shelves, tomorrow, February 2nd.
The OPI Texas Line from top left to right: "San Tan-tonio," "Suzi Loves Cowboys," "Don't Mess With OPI," "Austin-tatious Turquoise," "It's Totally Fort Worth It," "I Vant To Be A Lonestar," "Do You Think I'm Tex-y?" "Houston We Have A Purple," "Too Hot Pink To Hold Him," "Guy Meets Galveston," and "Y'all Come Back Ya Hear?" Which is your favorite?

Here are some matching Texas accessories, from your fingertips to your ears!

"Do You Think I'm Tex-y?" a 'berry' sexy shade is a perfect counterpart to my
Gartha Earrings in Berry.

"Suzi Loves Cowboys," a rich campfire chocolate, is a great way to bring out the deep browns in my
Hutton Modern Earrings in Tigers Eye, and they are also a part of my Daily Deal sale.

"Austin-tatious Turquoise," a bodacious blue-green, is a great compliment to my
Jeanine Dangle Earrings in Blue Iris.

"Y'all Come Back Ya Hear?" a Texan Tangerine, is a perfect match when paired with our
Nyla Starburst Earring in Goldstone, and both are perfect game day accessories if you're a Longhorn fan!

"I Vant To Be A-Lonestar," a starry blue-silver, is a perfect match with my
Melody Botanical Chandelier Earrings in Sky Blue.

"Don't Mess With OPI," a mean, lean, kick-grass green, goes great with my Danielle Earrings in Malachite, which are currently featured in our Daily Deal sale!