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Celebrate Earth Day with Kendra Scott and Her Team!

With its theme of A Billion Acts of Green®, Earth Day 2011 is already on its way to being bigger than last year's 40th anniversary! There are so many simple actions you can take both today and every day to help protect our earth. The question is, what will YOU do to make this day a success? The Earth Day Network is receiving pledges from people around the world and entering them into their sweepstakes to win two smart cars! You can enter your act of recycling, riding a bike, or planting a tree on the Billion Acts of Green website.

Here are a few gratifying green ideas that you can take part in to support mother nature!

1. Serve up an eco-friendly trail mix for your co-workers like raisins, peanuts, and chocolate chips.
2. Ride your bike to Whole Foods or Central Market in Austin instead of taking your car.
3. Make it a family occasion, grab a shovel and some seeds, and garden with your kids.
4. Pick up a great green read like The Giving Tree and enjoy some time outside on your porch.
5. Recycle Recycle Recycle! This is the easiest step you can take.

I am challenging myself and my team to enjoy Earth Day by paying attention to the beautiful surroundings Austin has to offer. I am also asking that they pick up trash they may see on the ground and take a pledge that they will continue going green for the rest of the year!

This one of a kind Kendra Scott Earth Day inspired necklace represents the importance of conserving nature. This piece is made up of a local Texas Vitis Mustangensis Buckley branch (commonly known as the Mustang Grapevine), gold toned wiring, and original KS hammered gold leafs. This necklace is part of a collection that will be used in an upcoming Randolph Duke fashion show! Keep posted to see various other styles that have been created specifically for the event.