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Sending KS Love to the Brave Men and Women Overseas!


My dear friend James is so bravely fighting for freedom overseas alongside his troop the Bravo Company. He is on his third tour in Afghanistan, serving as a Marine for our country. The KS team and I have joined forces to put together the ultimate care package for him. We are sending an abundance of magazines, pasta, canned goods, jerky, cleansing wipes, and other necessities to show our appreciation and love! It is the least we can do to say thank you for all that our troops do for us.

Each of the Bravo Company Platoons are executing unique missions. It is incredible to see the impact that they are making on communities in Afghanistan. The 3rd Platoon has recently opened a vocational school where carpentering skills are being taught to both children and adults. These men and women are helping improve school systems in the area and working with citizens to build a local police force. They do so much to help others, and it is crucial that our country rally together and support our troops!


The Bravo Company sadly mourn the loss of two courageous men this month. Staff Sgt. Jeremy Smith and Navy Hospitalman "Doc" Benjamin Rast. This Marine and Sailor made the ultimate sacrifice while honorably serving a country they both loved. We share our condolences with their family and friends. Our prayers and thoughts are with everyone overseas.

You can help participate in the giving by visiting websites like USTroopCarePackage and OperationShoebox. Everyone has a role to play here so gear up and donate!