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Breaking Boundaries Like the Infamous Lady Gaga

From the cover of Harper's Bazaar to last week's Glee episode and appearing on the Ellen show everyone is going gaga for Gaga! Sporting heelless platform shoes, studded leather jackets and one of a kind hair accessories, the fashion extraordinaire is an inspiration worldwide. Being one of her biggest fans, I undoubtedly attended her recent Monster Ball at the Frank Erwin Center. The concert was unbelievable! As my friends and I sang (or rather shouted) "Rah Rah Ooh La La," Gaga made our night one to remember! Fans dressed as "little monsters" in face paint, tutus, and a plethora of rhinestone leotards, adding to the magnetism of the night.

I think some of my most recent pieces scream Gaga - even if they are a bit more Gaga-light!

These rocker, avant-garde inspired jewels are something that I know the pop diva would love! A few bold and bright colors mixed in with silver, gold, and bronze electric styles are unique to my collection. The statement necklaces are edgy and chic while the earrings, cuffs, and rings bring a slight subtlety to offset such strong pieces.

Do you think these are Gaga worthy?