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I Love Lucy

I am completely and utterly in love. Last July 4th weekend I brought home a puppy and our lives have been forever changed and our house became a home. Thank you Lucy for giving us pure joy, loving all of us with your whole heart and greeting us each day with such enthusiasm! No matter what kind of day any of us may be having, the minute we walk in the door Lucy jumps onto us covering our faces with kisses. It is an immediate stress killer! I don’t know what life was like before Lucy came, all I know is that we are all overflowing with joy from a romping, stomping 8 pound ball of fluff.

And since I love anything stylish, here are a few of my favorite fashionable doggie items.................

This is my favorite modern lucite dog bed...pricey but oh so hot! Petbitat has a fantastic selection of designer pet products. I'm ordering this trendy dog bed for Lucy today! And then I found this lucite dog bowl to match from The Posh Puppy Boutique. How sleek is that!