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Philanthropy Wednesdays: Wine That Helps Fight Illiteracy

When I was browsing through Twitter a few days ago, I came across a really neat philanthropic company called Fledging Wine, and what they do is so awesome and innovative! This company uses their Twitter page to spread the word and raise money for Room To Read, a non-profit organization that aims to extend
educational opportunities and promote literacy worldwide. Fledgling sells wine that is made using some of the best vineyards in California. You can buy them online for only $25, and $5 goes to Room to Read.

Room to Read began when former Microsoft executive John Wood left his job to begin bringing books to children in rural communities. Now, they have reached over four million children worldwide by bringing books, libraries and literacy to people in the poorest parts of the world. They have helped the children and communities by establishing over 1,000 schools and over 10,000 bilingual libraries with seven million books in third world countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zambia. Their goal is to improve literacy for ten million children by 2015. You can help bring literacy to these children just by buying a bottle of delicious
Pinot Noir or Chardonnay online from Fledgling. Follow them on Twitter at @fledgling or check our their website at

I already ordered a few and I can’t wait for them to be delivered!